Where are all the Gamer Moms?

I know you’re out there, but it’s so hard to find other mom gamers. It’s like Fight Club: the first rule of being a mom gamer is not to talk about being a gamer with other moms.

In my office, our leadership highlights 10 employees every month. As part of the highlight, there’s a section where people can list their personal, outside-of-work interests. Everyone I work with, and I mean everyone, mentions hiking, camping, and spending time outdoors. And that’s fine – I’m not going to judge anyone for their hobbies – but it’s hard to believe there’s not one other person I work with who would list gaming as a hobby. And honestly, it sucks not seeing a single other person like me in the mix. Maybe it’s because I work in the healthcare industry, and my colleagues are all very health-conscious (or trying to appear to be), but I’m sure a few other women here play video games. They aren’t listing it in their biographies though. Why aren’t gamer moms speaking up!?

Maybe it’s fear of judgement. Moms are supposed to be responsible and busy doing “mom” things, not playing “childish” games (Verbatum words that have been said to me before). Will you be seen as less professional if you tell people you spent last night schooling opponents in Call of Duty instead of knitting doilies?

Maybe it’s guilt. Feeling like the time spent gaming last Saturday should’ve been devoted completely to your kid? Maybe instead of taking your 1-year-old daughter out on a $150 excursion to the aquarium, you put on Subnautica instead. I mean, my daughter loves watching me play Subnautica and thinks nothing in the game is scary (wrong) and that gasopods are turtles (adorable, but also wrong).

Maybe it’s lack of time. In the evenings, after I finally get my toddler to bed, pack her lunch, pack my lunch, do the dishes, and fold the laundry, I have like 12 minutes before I pass out. My husband, my Netflix library, my family genealogy, the YA novel I started writing 8 years ago – I have too many competing interests. But I’m adding something new to that list, and I’m starting this blog where I hope to talk all things mom and all things game.

I know there are other women like me out there, and I can’t wait to meet you.

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